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Raise your daughter to like herself 


This ground-breaking new book gives you the 7 essential parenting pillars to protect and free your daughter from anxiety, depression, body hatred, poor self-esteem, peer pressure and friendship problems, and limiting her own potential. 

Raise your daughter to like herself 


This ground-breaking new book gives you the 7 essential parenting pillars to protect and free your daughter from anxiety, depression, body hatred, poor self-esteem, peer pressure and friendship problems, and limiting her own potential. 

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If you want to raise your girl to grow up happy, healthy, resilient and successful in today's society, then you already know that...

you need to do something different.

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The Secret to REAL Body Confidence

We'll will show you how to build real and lasting body confidence and save your daughter from a life of body insecurity.

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Become a Friends Magnet Short Course

Friendship is a skill, it's not magic. Friendships are a really big deal to girls. Teach your daughter the skills of friendship and absolutely EVERYTHING becomes easier.

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Hi, we're Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon


We are a husband-and-wife writing and researching team. We also have two daughters of our own. Over the past 10 years we have been researching and developing a comprehensive parenting approach to raising girls who like themselves.

What we know for certain is if you raise a girl who likes herself then she’ll be confident to live a life where everything you hope and dream for her is possible.

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Raising Girls Who Like Themselves 

is a practical approach to parenting, based on proven principles to give your girl the strength, skills and tools to thrive in a world that is crushing so many of her peers.

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After reading this book...

you will go from worrying whether your daughter will grow up happy and healthy in today’s society to feeling confident and excited about her future.

With our practical and proven approach you can raise a resilient girl who likes herself, today, tomorrow and for the rest of her life.

Raising Girls Who Like Themselves will give you...

  • A detailed description of the 7 pillars that every girl who likes herself must have and why

    The 7 parenting pillars for raising your girl to like herself includes: Power Perspective, Body Confidence, Body Ownership, Mastery and Independence, a sense of Calm, Strong Relationships, and Authenticity.
  • Proven strategies to build and strengthen each pillar

    Every strategy is backed by extensive and high quality research and the advice of the world's leading experts. We have put all the puzzle pieces together to give you a complete parenting approach.
  • Practical actions that you can implement right now

    Unlike a lot of parenting advice that is very nice in theory but impossible to implement in real life, every strategy has been successfully implemented in our own busy, complicated, imperfect family. 
  • Solutions to future problems you haven't even thought of yet

    Our comprehensive approach will give your daughter the foundation skills and tools to successfully navigate the challenges that lay ahead.

  • Consistency and alignment with your parenting partner

    We wrote this book for dads as much as we did for mums. But from our experience, we have noticed that many dads do not read as much parenting advice as mums. We have therefore added a brief "Action for Dads" section for each pillar, detailing a low-effort-high-impact technique to help your daughter thrive.

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"The parent feedback was so positive as Kasey provided research informed and practical strategies and insights to raise our girls and boys to like themselves."

Daniel Sandral, Head of Junior School, MLC SCHOOL

"As both a psychologist and a parent, I found Kasey and Chris' approach practical and relevant to the struggles and concerns we see every day in our girls. The feedback from our parent group was overwhelming positive."

Dr Aisling Malone, Director of Counselling Services, Ruyton Girls School

Does your home build your daughter's body confidence or chip away at it?

Sometimes, with love and the very best intentions, we can instil body insecurity and hatred in our girls without even realising it. 

There are many things in the world that we cannot control for our girls, but we all have the power to make our homes a body confidence safe haven. 

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Maggie Dent

educator and parenting author and commentator

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Rob Sturrock

advocate and author of Man Raises Boy.

"This book empowers daughters to confidently embrace their identity, and their place in the world. The authors' advice is delivered with empathy, experience and expertise, to ease parents' guilt, not raise it."

Dr Lea Waters

psychologist and author of The Strength Switch.

“Inner strength, authenticity and self-love are the greatest gifts a girl can possess. The tools and insights in this book will help parents to give these gifts to their daughters.”

Girls with healthy friendships have better mental health and do better at school.

The checklist will:

  1. Show your daughter what qualities to look for in a good friend.

  2. Help her identify any friendships she currently has that may not be good for her.

  3. Specify what behaviours and qualities she needs in order to be a good friend.

Good Friend Checklist Download

Help your daughter choose friends who are good for her.

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Dana Kerford

friendship skills expert and founder of URSTRONG.

“Relatable + Practical + Real. Raising Girls captures the goal we all have as parents & educators – helping our children be the best versions of themselves. This book will help you help your daughter develop the most important attribute of all: self-compassion – so she will treat herself like a best friend first.”

Claire Orange

author, mum, parent educator

testimonial to come

Sarah McMahon

psychologist and founder of BodyMatters Australasia

"We all know that parenting does not come with a road map. However, Raising Girls Who Like Themselves is the closest thing. It's written in a raw and readable style by parenting authorities and is a remarkable resource for mums and dads alike."

I don't have a traditional nuclear family. Will this book work for me and my family?

Families come in all different forms: heterosexual parents, same-sex parents, separated and blended families, legal guardians and multi-generational families, all of which can be springs of love.

For simplicity we have referred to the carers of children as ‘parents’, ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’.

We consider these to be roles that can be fulfilled by any number of people in a child’s life, not limited by biology, gender or family structures.

Will this approach work for boys and non-binary children?


The focus of this book is girls because we are the parents of girls. But many of the challenges faced by girls in today's society are faced by all children.

Problems such as poor body image and disordered eating which predominantly affected girls in the past are becoming more common in boys.

Our 7 essential parenting pillars will help all children to grow up liking themselves.

Raising Girls Who Like Themselves 

is PERFECT for you if… 

  • You don't have time to read all the theory and research and you just want to know exactly what you need to do.

  • Other parenting advice books have left you feeling lost and guilty because the strategies are too complicated or impractical for you to implement in real life.

  • You want the confidence to know that your parenting is not just addressing the immediate problems your daughter is facing now, but will give her a solid foundation for her whole life.

  • You want the perspective of a mother and a father who are on the journey of raising girls with you.

Today's society can be toxic for girls, can what I do as a parent really make a difference?


There is no doubt that the challenges our girls face are huge. And at times, they can feel overwhelming.

But here's the thing: we can give up and surrender or we can fight for our daughters' rights to grow up happy, healthy and whole.

Every single strategy we teach in this book is backed by high quality evidence, and combined in our comprehensive program, they will help your daughter to thrive, no matter what obstacles she faces.

We can’t wait for you to read 

Raising Girls Who Like Themselves 

Since the birth of our first daughter, Violet, in 2009, we have been dedicated to finding out the best way to raise girls. In the beginning our investigation and analysis were for our own interest: we wanted to be the best parents we could possibly be.

But as the years ticked by, people started asking us questions about our research and the way we apply it in our family. The parenting articles we have written for the media have garnered hundreds of thousands of comments and have been shared over ten million times.

We have read countless parenting books and credible academic studies, attended parenting seminars and workshops, and interviewed experts the world over.

Then one day at a kid’s birthday party, we were discussing our research with other parents when a friend said, ‘I don’t have time to read all that. Can you just tell me what I need to do?’

That was the moment we realised we had to write this book, so that other parents who want to raise girls who like themselves can have easy access to all that we have learned from over a decade of study: as journalists we have the rare privilege of being able to call up the world’s leading experts on parenting, psychology, education and development – something our friend at the party didn’t have time for.

We are so excited to share all that we have learned with you, so that you know exactly what you need to do to raise your girl to like herself too.

Kasey and Chris

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