What about boys?

Kasey Edwards

is a leading Australian columnist and bestselling author of nine books, including Thirty Something and Over It. She mixes humour, heart and credible research to write about issues such as raising children, work satisfaction, motherhood and body image. She has a wide readership, with an audience of over 10 million worldwide, and is a passionate champion for girls and women.

Christopher Scanlon

is a writer, essayist and academic. His work has appeared in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Conversation, The Monthly and Overland. He edited Arena Magazine for ten years. He co-wrote the young adult fantasy fiction The Chess Raven Chronicles with his wife Kasey Edwards under the pen-name Violet Grace. Christopher has a PhD in politics from Monash University and teaches in the Communications program at Deakin University.

Kasey and Christopher live in Melbourne with their two daughters. They spent 10 years trawling through academic research and interviewing the world's leading experts in child development, psychology, wellbeing and education to find a proven and practical approach to raise girls to like themselves. 

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