Want to raise your daughter to like herself?

We'll show you how.

This ground-breaking new book gives you the 7 essential parenting pillars to protect and free your daughter from anxiety, depression, body hatred, poor self-esteem, peer pressure and friendship problems, and limiting her own potential.

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Fear of criticism can limit our girls' potential and corrode their happiness.

Criticism is inevitable.
Being crushed by it is not!

Order Raising Girls Who Like Themselves to find out...


  • One tiny parenting tweak to help your daughter believe in herself (pg 12)
  • A major cause of anxiety that is often overlooked and how to mitigate it (pg 5)
  • Why girls grow up super-sensitive about what other people think and how to prevent it (pg 18)
  • What to do and say about make-up (pg 65)
  • How the current approach to building girls’ body confidence is actually making it worse (pg 35)
  • One rule that will bring crystal clarity to every little question about what you should let your daughter wear (pg 68)
  • What to do if you think your daughter is above her natural weight (pg 45)
  • What to do if your daughter is teased for being fat (pg 47)
  • How health-conscious parents can deal with junk food without turning their child into a closet eater (pg 55)
  • How to get kids moving more (pg 59)
  • Complete a body confidence family health check (pg 60)
  • Take the pressure off and lose the guilt by learning what the research actually says about screen time and homework (pg 107, 114)
  • Find out if your daughter is getting enough sleep (pg 120)
  • Why telling your child that they are awesome all the time is doing more harm than good and what to do instead (pg 126)
  • The secret to real and enduring self-esteem (pg 129)
  • Successful kids know the difference between being a failure and failing well (pg 140)
  • Using praise the right way to build mastery and independence (pg 145)
  • Help her to choose friends who are good for her (pg 160)
  • Build and maintain strong friendship by learning how to handle conflict the right way (pg 163)
  • One simple technique to reduce the frequency and severity of bullying (pg 162)
  • When to get involved in your daughter’s friendship problems and when to stay out (pg 165)
  • A simple time-saving hack to strengthen your own relationship with your daughter (pg 173)
  • Help your daughter to find her strengths (pg 182)
  • Why we need to raise “real girls” rather than a “good girls” (pg 188)
  • How to reduce conflict with your daughter (pg 197)
  • And more...

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What readers are saying about Raising Girls Who Like Themselves...

“Quite possibly the most important book I’ve ever read!”

"Thank you time and time again. I have 2 girls, 4 and 2 and I’ll be gifting this book to all my friends with girls too." 

"It’s been so nice sharing snippets of your advice with my husband both in a way of helping us navigate our challenging 8 year old daughter but also letting us know that our experiences are normal and in turn - so is she."

"I am not one for parenting or self help style books, but this felt non judgemental and completely safe. It had me reflecting on myself and my own perspectives and has given me the tools to help myself and my daughter. "

"Reading this book felt like reparenting myself... in the best, most loving and empowering way!"

"What an important and essential book.  Kasey Edwards, a fiercely intelligent parent who is doing her bit to help all of us raise girls who like themselves. Find this book and be the change".

What the experts are saying...


Rob Sturrock

advocate and author of Man Raises Boy.

"This book empowers daughters to confidently embrace their identity, and their place in the world. The authors' advice is delivered with empathy, experience and expertise, to ease parents' guilt, not raise it."

Dr Lea Waters

psychologist and author of The Strength Switch

“Inner strength, authenticity and self-love are the greatest gifts a girl can possess. The tools and insights in this book will help parents to give these gifts to their daughters.”

Dana Kerford

friendship skills expert and founder of URSTRONG

“Relatable + Practical + Real. Raising Girls captures the goal we all have as parents & educators – helping our children be the best versions of themselves. This book will help you help your daughter develop the most important attribute of all: self-compassion – so she will treat herself like a best friend first.”

Sarah McMahon

psychologist and founder of BodyMatters Australasia

"We all know that parenting does not come with a road map. However, Raising Girls Who Like Themselves is the closest thing. It's written in a raw and readable style by parenting authorities and is a remarkable resource for mums and dads alike."


After reading this book...

you will go from worrying whether your daughter will grow up happy and healthy in today’s society to feeling more confident and excited about her future.

With our practical and proven approach you can raise a resilient girl who likes herself, today, tomorrow and for the rest of her life.


Today's society can be toxic for girls, can what I do as a parent really make a difference?


There is no doubt that the challenges our girls face are huge. And at times, they can feel overwhelming.

But here's the thing: we can give up and surrender or we can fight for our daughters' rights to grow up happy, healthy and whole.

Every single strategy we teach in this book is backed by high quality evidence, and combined in our comprehensive program, they will help your daughter to thrive, no matter what obstacles she faces.

Raising Girls Who Like Themselves 

is PERFECT for you if… 

  • You don't have time to read all the theory and research and you just want to know exactly what you need to do.

  • Other parenting advice books have left you feeling lost and guilty because the strategies are too complicated or impractical for you to implement in real life.

  • You want the confidence to know that your parenting is not just addressing the immediate problems your daughter is facing now, but will give her a solid foundation for her whole life.

  • You want the perspective of a mother and a father who are on the journey of raising girls with you.

We can’t wait for you to read 

Raising Girls Who Like Themselves 

Since the birth of our first daughter, Violet, in 2009, we have been dedicated to finding out the best way to raise girls. In the beginning our investigation and analysis were for our own interest: we wanted to be the best parents we could possibly be.

But as the years ticked by, people started asking us questions about our research and the way we apply it in our family. The parenting articles we have written for the media have garnered hundreds of thousands of comments and have been shared over ten million times.

We have read countless parenting books and credible academic studies, attended parenting seminars and workshops, and interviewed experts the world over.

Then one day at a kid’s birthday party, we were discussing our research with other parents when a friend said, ‘I don’t have time to read all that. Can you just tell me what I need to do?’

That was the moment we realised we had to write this book, so that other parents who want to raise girls who like themselves can have easy access to all that we have learned from over a decade of study: as journalists we have the rare privilege of being able to call up the world’s leading experts on parenting, psychology, education and development – something our friend at the party didn’t have time for.

We are so excited to share all that we have learned with you, so that you know exactly what you need to do to raise your girl to like herself too.

Kasey and Chris